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SCS is a holding company that headquarters and coordinates top management of transcontinental corporation that designs, produces, delivers and installs a wide range of soundproofing products, primarily with application to automotive vehicles.
Our Mission is to improve the quality of life and environment through delivery of the best soundproofing solutions to our customers.
Our Core Values include a drive to better the world and quality of life through elimination of excessive noise and vibration, protection of our customers’ health from negative effects of noise pollution and delivery of our services and products in an environmentally sustainable manner.
SCS’s brand portfolio includes the following prominent brands: DrARTEX, Car Comfort Shop, and Autofun. Headquarters of SCS are based in Singapore with additional offices in Germany and logistical facilities in Ukraine.
SCS portfolio of brands is strategically positioned to meet and satisfy needs of the wide range of customers from high-end to mid-range and entry levels.
We pride ourselves on offering and use in our servicing of only the thoroughly tested and certified products and materials. This high quality standard has been achieved by our experienced team of professionals with an extensive experience in automotive soundproofing industry, as well as in international export-import business. We also put emphasis on young professionals who join our ranks with commitment to achieve our ultimate goal to continually offer and deliver the highest quality soundproofing services and products to our customers around the world.

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Our Researches Our Research & Development team continuously pushes the boundaries of scientific and technological research in the field of acoustic engineering and soundproofing with the aim to design, test and develop the best range of soundproofing solution products in available the market;
Our Sales Our Sales Team includes trained specialists that are able to precisely understand the needs of our customers and offer the ultimate solution that best meets these needs out of our wide range of products.
Our Marketing Our Marketing department not only continuously promotes our products through all available mediums, but also collects, analyses and provides a crucial input information on our customers ever evolving soundproofing needs to our research and development department;
Our Services Our Service Teams include installers and specialist acoustic engineers, both, with over 15 years of experience.
Our Logistic Our Logistics Team is able to promptly and safely deliver our products to any location in the world.
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